Akademé is an unaligned Zen monastic order promoting fact-based research, education, and practices to advance understanding, evolve and maintain a sustainable civilization.

Unlike conventional Zen centers, Akademé does not recognize lineage. Lineage does serve socially function purposes such as rituals and institutional practices that support higher levels of awareness. These are just the walls, not the mastery brought into those walls.

A master is detached from being manipulated or controlled by socially or individually functional illusions or dysfunctional delusions. The development and extent of this skill set is unique to the individual and only possible through diverse training, experience, and adversity contexts. Narrow, linear, and otherwise artificial constructs are themselves degrees of illusion limiting development accordingly.

Akademé sees the path to an environmentally harmonious sustainable civilization is achieved through evolving consciousness generally and adapting with contextual diversity generally. Akademé further sees the ideal path to evolving consciousness is through the learning process incorporating accurate objective information with Buddha’s eightfold path of right understanding, meditation, effort, livelihood, action, speech, mindfulness, and thought.


Worship consists of reverence and practice. Ours is the ethical reverence of life, functional and complementary processes in sustainable proportions, and selfless practices to achieving and maintaining these.

The practice of Zen is meditation, with or without object to focus on. Focus on an object requires studying and acting on it as well as diversifying to examine concepts relatively and contextually. Zen is essentially a disciplined way of living a complete life, evolve and apply personal awareness, and thus to have a positive impact on the world.

The world is what we make of it, and we choose to make it a world worth living in. We worship through mindful and compassionate action achieved through empirical understanding.

Our right efforts and actions are their own reward. Many of Akademé's actions result in intellectual properties and publications. We do not individually take credit for these and freely give our fiscal gains to the Foundation. The Foundation currently uses these funds to support the CURE Sanctuary for parrots.

Code of Conduct

Akademé does not endorse or proliferate specific beliefs held by any religious or quasi-religious order or political perspective. Akademé provides objective information and educational materials to evolve understanding, consciousness, to promote and maintain sustainability.

The Bylaws provide a specific code of conduct that prevents conflict of interest and restricts dedicated faculty, regents, publications, and proclamations from achieving personal gains of any kind including personal recognition, and from alliance with any perspective other than that of natural and physical reality. Faculty are subject to the terms of their order.

Operational Range

The Akademé corporate headquarters is located at the CURE Sanctuary in Arizona (United States). Akademé's directors, faculty, contributors, advisors, and other participants are spread globally. At this time there are no other seats of operations.