CURE Sanctuary Mission

Akademe's CURE Sanctuary provides safe and enriching environments where animals can live out healthy high-quality lives.


We specialize in parrots, enriching habitats, and foster-placement as emotional support animals especially putting cockatoos with veterans.

CURE Sanctuary abides by the standards of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (notably perching birds). CURE does not buy, sell, breed, or adopt out animals. Animals in our foster program remain our responsibility and within our guidelines for care.


Akademe Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit established July 7, 2015; EIN 47-4436560.

CURE is short for "Compassion and Understanding with Right Effort." The sanctuary is a practical embodiment of Akademe's core values making the world a better place through compassion and fact-based education.

Akademe's incidental gains are very modest. The sanctuary must be self-sufficient. Animals put into our care must be sponsored or put on a waiting list to be squeezed in when we can. All funds go to feeding, facility maintenance, and veterinary expenses of sanctuary animals. There are no paid employees.

You can help by volunteering, providing needed goods as with our mazon Wish List, selecting us as your prefered charity, running fundraisers for us, donation or sponsoring by cash, check, PayPal, will and/or estate.


Akademe Foundation
3633 Highway 167
Ash Flat, AR  72513

Small parties welcome 8am to 5pm.
Call 520-424-6043 for availability.


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