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The corner of this original planned space is where the 500 sq. ft. aviary will be placed. The plan is under review for building permit as of April 6, 16. In theory, 10 business days and we should have a permit and begin building! See the link above for the PDF of the plans. We are going with this plan for the most obvious of all reasons: we have about half the necessary materials! We are looking at this as a starter plan because it is exactly that. We have a lot of hoops to go through for accreditation, finding support, volunteers, vets, etc. and then build up from there.

Akademe Foundation is a 501(c)(3), see confirmation letter (second page omitted only has IRS agent's signature) for EIN 47-4436560 approved February 2016. Its registered office is at the location of the avian sanctuary project. The IRS reports our status online.Akademe's tax exempt status dates back to July 7, 2015.

Donations for this project are currently accepted via Generosity (preferred due to no hosting fee---but edit donation to Generosity if you do not wish to donate to them as well) and Go Fund Me or:


The site is located north of Casa Grande in the Sonoran Desert. The PDF plan will be applied to the location in these photographs. Notice the stakes are set for a 600 square foot area where we originally planned to put a 1200 sq.ft. aviary. The plan we are currently moving forward with is set in a highly scalable location where the wood and chain link fences currently intersect.

Starting at the front of the project (north side) these images go counter-clockwise around the site so you can see every angle. Of course the view will be better for the birds at the higher elevations of their perches.

This is a yard within an enclosed property. The property is surrounded by chain link fence and either oleanders or cacti as natural barriers for non-native intruders, and the latter also for keeping farm animals in. This yard is currently used by a German shepherd who adores birds. Notice security is an element of the Global Federation for Animal Sanctuaries standards. We will be following these as well as other guidelines and standards. The gate leads to where farm animal rescues have typically been housed. Since they died of old age, no other farm animals have been rescued and part of the space can be prepped for a second aviary.

We have decided to leave the mulberry out of the present plan, have moved the small trees and eliminated brush in the construction area. The larger trees you see will provide some shade. We have added a row of trees to the south for sound and shade. We will be planting a tena fig tree inside the aviary along with other parrot-friendly vegetation. We haven't gotten to planning the pond yet, and are as yet undecided how we will construct nests inside the hen house. For now our main concern is the structure. See list of parrot friendly plants.

Capacity varies by species, but on average we assume 10 square feet per bird. We apply that figure to the open area and estimate between 40 and 60 birds, depending on their sizes and needs.

There are two other mulberry trees, one on the other side of the wood fence about 10 from the sumac. It is approximately 35' wide and tall. It seasonally provides homes for hundreds of migratory and native birds. The water line going off the image goes to another mulberry that is already about 8 tall. Roughly in line with it and the mulberry north of the aviary is a 12 tall palo verde that is getting ready to fill out. To the south are a series of Palo Verde and Mesquite. All of these trees will be excellent sound breaks, weather breaks shades.

The project manager for the site is George Yool. For questions on or information for this project you can call him at 520-424-6043. The site location is 17985 West Hopi Drive, Casa Grande, AZ 85122.

Cost Estimates

This plan has an approved budget of $1800, although we have already spent nearly twice what we expected for getting the permit and are expected to spend at least as much more just to complete the permit process. It will most certainly cost much more, but this will get us through the main part of the project considering we already have half the needed materials on hand.

Progress Report

April 6: Applied for building permit. Plans are currently under review (~10 business days). They may require changes and inspections that will slow this process. Once approved, we will break ground. The donated AC unit may not be adequate as it is not blowing cold air and does not have heat. We are looking for equipment to fill this need and will begin looking for local sponsors to help with our budgeting.

March 5, 2016: The trigger for this project was pulled two days ago. In this brief time we have observed a surprising lack of interest and low availability of grants to assist in actualizing the project. We will continue to pursue these avenues as the plan solidifies. We would prefer to have community support and do things formally. The need is there, we are patient, resourceful, and not beneath just making it happen.

If you cannot contribute resources or information, then by all means contribute by putting the word out and showing you care. We can all make a difference if we can at a minimum show we care. To those who already have contributed in any way, we thank you deeply and want you to know this will succeed one way or another.

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Feel free to e-mail if you have questions or for further information.